Stage Jitters: How to get rid of them

Performance time is a fun, chaotic hodgepodge of emotions and experiences. 

Even though performances are filled with energy and adrenaline, they do come along with pre-performance stage jitters. I have yet to come across a dancer (OR an instructor) who hasn’t had a case of these backstage tinglings. 

So what do you do to get rid of them? 

Here’s what we recommend: 

Breathe. I know, it seems like an obvious one. But, I can’t tell you the amount of times I have forgotten to properly take a few breaths before taking the stage. Over time, I’ve found that getting in some deep breaths helps calm me down right before a performance. Doing this with a team member or in a group is also very helpful. 

Get in your space (whatever that is for you) and prepare yourself for the performance. This might be taking a few minutes and finding a quiet area to get in a few deep breaths, it might be going through the routine in your head a few more times, or it might even be listening to a song that is not part of your dance routine . We all have different ways to get into our respective spaces. Make this yours and take a second to do your pre-performance routine. 

Visualize and manifest. imagine yourself dancing giving it your all – your 100% on stage. When you can see yourself doing that very thing that scares you, it makes it easier to execute. It’s telling your brain that you’ve already done it. 

Face the fear. Don’t fear the fear. Instead, face it. Recognize your worry and reinterpret it with enthusiasm and uncontainable excitement. Align these jitters with positive thoughts. Maintaining a positive mindset is so helpful. You know the steps, you know the formations, you got this! 


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