At One Hundred

Indian Dance Lessons

I recently heard the saying: “The way you do one thing is the way you do everything.”

It really made me think. How many times a day are we rushing to get things done or rushing to get to certain places? How many times are we just going through the motions of things and are not really present?

If you’re lazy with the small things, you’re lazy with the big things. 

If you’re meticulous with the small things, you’re meticulous with the big things. 

I can always tell when a student is just going through the “motions of dancing” versus actually learning and absorbing. They are not actually connecting the steps together – but rather, are just following along. If I started making monkey noises and crawling on the floor, they would probably follow suit without blinking an eye.

This is a sure indicator that they are probably going into other areas of their lives, school, church, other activities the same way. It’s a horrible habit to have at such a young age but yet we see it ALL the time.  

I had one student who asked about every new step we do. She wanted to be completely thorough and understand all the aspects of each technique, how we transition from move to move, what angle should she turn her body, and even if she should position her face slightly to the right or very much to the right. And this is every class. She’s extremely bright and extremely inquisitive – she’s going to change the world one day, I’m sure of it. 

But she’s not like this JUST in the classroom, she is the same person outside of the classroom. Whether she’s writing in her dance journal, putting on her shoes, eating her snacks, getting ready to leave, or just coming into the studio. Every action she takes is with such precision and care. If she doesn’t know something – she’ll ask. 

Just think of the things she’ll be able to do in life!

As adults, we do this a thousand times a day. Whether it be getting dressed in the morning, cooking, doing tasks at work, driving, showering, doing chores etc. and its horrible. 

We have so many areas of our lives that are just on autopilot. Work, school, home, family, etc. 

Imagine how different life would be if we were present in each of them.