Details Matter!

Details Matter! I am by NO means a detail-oriented person. I am more of the big picture, big ideas, big goals visionary. Hence, I am not good at anything that takes patience, time and repetition. I get very restless when it comes to things like crafts, working out, cooking, and pretty much anything else that is pretty and positive lol. Just the other day one of my instructors and I were cutting fabric at the studio for a prop in a dance. While her squares were coming out perfect and symmetrical because she was carefully

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6 Perks of Being a Dance Teacher

I have been a dance teacher/instructor in some form or another for many years now, and I can truly tell you that it is one of the best jobs on earth. Every week, I witness passion, talent, friendship, and community. On the other hand, I also witness chaos, screaming, sassiness, eye-rolling, and mirror-licking (yes, that is a thing that happens). Would I ever change it? Never. I’ll just stock-up on windex...

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