We hope that you…

We hope that you... As an instructor - you’re imparting knowledge to students - however old they may be. The ages and style might be different but our goals for you are still the same. A good instructor will always invest in your growth and take the time to make sure you are being pushed to do your best. If he/she gets frustrated with you - it’s because they see the potential you are holding back and they just want you to cross that barrier and unleash the gifts they can so clearly see!

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Mirror Lickers

Mirror Lickers As a dance teacher, we can usually gage after one class the skill level of a dancer. My guru used to say she was able to tell if someone would be a good dancer as soon as she saw him/her walk. We see parents bring in their kids to try out a dance class for the first time and usually - it is pretty smooth. They come in, get really pumped up by the music, learn a few steps and want the video to practice with at home. Then there are those

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Five ways to know its SHOWTIME!

Five ways to know its SHOWTIME!! Allergies in the air, costumes on the way, students in the studio all day every day. IT’S SHOWTIME! It’s time for us to show off everything we’ve been doing and how much we’ve been growing over the past academic year! All around the country - dancers are gearing up to head into competitions and recitals. While this is a stressful time of the year - it’s one of the most rewarding. A whole 9 months (sometimes more!) of weekly practices, countless songs, numerous routines, gallons of water -

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Now – That’s a practice!

Now - That’s a practice! My favorite practices are the rehearsals right before a performance! The practices right before a show or a performance are for run throughs, reviewing and cleaning up last minute details You can see all the weeks and months of fixing formations, changing steps, and confirming head nods come together into a final masterpiece that is ready to show off to the world. These practices are also the ones that involve the most work on the backend. You’re making sure that costumes fit, that props are not missing/falling apart, that

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New Dancer? No Worries!

New Dancer? No Worries! Trying out a dance class is definitely a new and exciting experience if you haven’t had any formal training or took any formal classes growing up. Few things to know to help ease your mind: Everyone is a beginner. If you’re starting a class for the first time - it's more than likely you’ll be in a beginner class and it's important to remember that everyone in that class is a beginner. No one is above anyone else and no one is trying to outdo their neighbor. Be comfortable. We

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Details Matter!

Details Matter! I am by NO means a detail-oriented person. I am more of the big picture, big ideas, big goals visionary. Hence, I am not good at anything that takes patience, time and repetition. I get very restless when it comes to things like crafts, working out, cooking, and pretty much anything else that is pretty and positive lol. Just the other day one of my instructors and I were cutting fabric at the studio for a prop in a dance. While her squares were coming out perfect and symmetrical because she was carefully

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