Moving Up a Level Doesn’t Mean Front Row Center

Moving Up a Level Doesn't Mean Front Row Center Being in the dance studio industry over the past 5 years - I have heard horror stories of students, parents, team members etc.  I can honestly say that our dance parents are some of the best. While we do get the occasional complaints of being moved to the next level, prices, performances etc, it is still 9 times out of ten a VERY supportive and positive growing community.  One thing I really do appreciate is that our families trust us in our judgment of students

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It Takes A Village

It Takes a Village Every Thursday, from 7 - 8 pm, I teach our semi-classical class. During this time, for months, our dance moms who used to hang out in our waiting room became running buddies. So every Thursday they would come dressed in their running gear, drop off their kids to class and go for a run. They went on to complete a full marathon together.  It’s stuff like this that warms my heart. A few years ago, they were strangers to each other. Now, they’ve found a supportive group along with their

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When Imperfection is Better Than Perfection

When Imperfection is Better Than Perfection With the perfect filters, perfect angles, perfect background - it’s a wonder why people are so surprised that there is so much anxiety in the world - and even more so with the younger generation. Everything is so curated - from pictures to bodies.  Which is why I want to give you - who is reading this - and ALL our students the permission to be IMPERFECT.  Yes, in the classroom we want you to be great and no, we won’t let it slide if we see that

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First Time Performers

First Time Performers Our studio performs a lot throughout the year, so a first time performer soon becomes an experienced performer, even if they have only been with us for a few months. We have had students who come in through the doors purely for fun and whose parents never had the intention of sending them on stage.  Inevitably, that student always ends up going on stage over and over again through their own accord.  While we encourage all students to perform because we know the leaps of progress it makes, we never force

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Anti-Aging Effects of Dance

Anti-Aging Effects of Dance Forget the eye creams, crossword puzzles and smoothies. You know what REALLY helps the anti-aging of your brain?  Yup, you guessed it, DANCE. So how is dance different than normal exercise and how is it more beneficial? Well for one, with traditional workouts and exercise - you’re either following or just doing. As in, you’re just following the instructor’s moves in a class or you’re just going through the motions of a workout. When it comes to dance, you’re actually learning steps. You’re learning a routine under a certain amount

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“But I Can’t”

"But I Can't" I’ve really been noticing a change in one of my students. She’s only 7 years old, but week after week, her confidence continues to deteriorate. She used to come running into the studio excited to see her friends, but this past week, she came in dragging her feet.  Her demeanor in class wasn’t any better.  For the past few months, I’ve been noticing a change in the words she used - especially to describe herself.  There are more “I can't".  There are more “I’m not good at it”. There are more

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