Post-Performance Recovery

Post-Performance Recovery Sore muscles and sweat coming out of every pore. Sound Familiar? Take it from someone who has done and coordinated hundreds of performances - I have probably felt every ache, swelling, and inflammation there is to experience after a dance performance. Whether it is dancing on stage for three minutes or three hours, there is ALWAYS sweat and soreness involved. Here are some tips I learned over the years for a speedy recovery so you can go back to school/work on Monday morning post-performance weekend. STRETCH. STRETCH. STRETCH. Wait - did I say

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Lessons Learned from Being a Dance Instructor

Anyone can be a dancer but not everyone can be a teacher. That is the TRUTH. Thinking back to grade school, there are two types of teachers that stand out. The really GOOD ones and the really BAD ones. I have been choreographing and teaching dance for the majority of my life, but I never had a consistent class until we started the studio. Then, I had about 5- 8  consistent classes a week! It has definitely been a roller coaster with a lot of ups & downs (definitely more ups than downs), and a lot of self-awareness in between...

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Changing the World – One Dance Student at a Time

“Great changes in the destiny of mankind can be effected only in the minds of little children.” — Sir Herbert Read If you want to make a difference in the world - start with a kid. People are always looking to make their mark in the world; trying to change things, trying to change people. The realization dawned on me that, to make a real change in the world, you have to start with those who are receptive to learning, receptive to positive influences without any former bias, and receptive to trying new things...

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