But I Have No Experience, Is That Okay?

Talent Time 2018

We hear this ALL the time and it’s honestly one of my favorite questions coming from a potential student. It’s like having a baby and you want to show them all the nice and pretty things around.

I know they’re about to be WOW’ed. I know they’re about to have an experience they probably never had before and, more than likely, they’re going to love it!

You don’t have to have tons of experience to try out a class – that’s literally what we’re here for! It’s enough to just try it; to even just say that you did.

Life is about experiences and, we get so caught up in our day to days, that we don’t ever branch out and try something different. Hence, as we get older, the less experiences we have. Whether it be a dance class, a new sport, hiking, etc,  it’s always important to try new things. To expand our boundaries past work, the usual get together, the ‘squad’, or the new show on Netflix.

I always say one of our most inspiring classes are our adult classes. And I say this because as adults, we’re already in our routine, we have our close family and friends around us and we’re doing the daily motions of life. It takes a lot for us to step out of our norm and out of our comfort zones. But, throughout all our locations, all our adult students have found new friends (sorry DJ Khaled) within class, hung out together more than any other class, and ultimately found something that is for them outside of the work and family routine.

Anyone can be a dancer.

We pride ourselves on taking that uncertainty, turning it into confidence, and showing it off to the world.