Lessons Learned from Being a Dance Instructor

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Anyone can be a dancer but not everyone can be a teacher. That is the TRUTH. Thinking back to grade school, there are two types of teachers that stand out. The really GOOD ones and the really BAD ones. I have been choreographing and teaching dance for the majority of my life, but I never had a consistent class until we started the studio. Then, I had about 5- 8  consistent classes a week! It has definitely been a roller coaster with a lot of ups & downs (definitely more ups than downs), and a lot of self-awareness in between...

Changing the World – One Dance Student at a Time

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“Great changes in the destiny of mankind can be effected only in the minds of little children.” — Sir Herbert Read If you want to make a difference in the world - start with a kid. People are always looking to make their mark in the world; trying to change things, trying to change people. The realization dawned on me that, to make a real change in the world, you have to start with those who are receptive to learning, receptive to positive influences without any former bias, and receptive to trying new things...

The Evolution of Bollywood Movies

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I feel like I’ve heard my parents say this before, which makes me feel super old just saying it now, but I can’t help but notice it’s true. Our students always want to dance to the latest bollywood song but unfortunately, it’s just not all that... good. Yes, growing up, our movies were not in black and white. We had full color with all the music and dancing. One thing I loved about bollywood movies...

Four Effects of Dancing – Is It For Me?

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    So many places, so many dances, so many dancers, but one feeling: passion. Dancing encompasses music, life, art, expression, stories and energy all into one. We see quotes such as "Dance like No One's Watching" , "Dance your heart out", and "Just Dance." Why? Because it's a way of letting go of everything else and allowing you to be yourself--free, and happy. Whether it be a snap of the finger, a tap of the toe, a look to the side, it's you who is doing it and that in itself makes every movement, step, and look special...

Who is ZIND Academy?

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While focusing on turning our Dancers into Leaders, We Exist to Create, Teach, and Perform the Art of Indian dance. Background: When I first started in 2014, I was so excited to finally have my dream come true - so much so that I didn’t give a lot of emphasis to the name (I hardly knew what i was doing!).  It was just a small representation of myself. Back then, I simply wanted to pursue my dream of having a dance studio where I can share my gifts and talents...