6 Perks of Being a Dance Teacher

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I have been a dance teacher/instructor in some form or another for many years now, and I can truly tell you that it is one of the best jobs on earth. Every week, I witness passion, talent, friendship, and community. On the other hand, I also witness chaos, screaming, sassiness, eye-rolling, and mirror-licking (yes, that is a thing that happens). Would I ever change it? Never. I’ll just stock-up on windex...

8 Tips on Choreographing Your Own Masterpiece

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“I just can’t choreograph.” I hear this ALL the time. Every time I want to respond with: “Have you ever been in your room, blasted music, and started dancing in front of the mirror?” Because that’s the first step. If you’ve never ever choreographed a routine or even a clip of a song, then you’re definitely missing out! Of course, the more you do it the better you get; the more ideas come through and you start witnessing the potential of the song AND yourself...

And Don’t Forget to Smile!

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You’ll hear an instructor yell this out right as a student is walking onto stage! #guilty While this can be a quick last reminder, I’m a firm believer that smiling on stage does not necessarily mean a distinguished dancer. Even behind a frozen smile, it is quickly obvious if a dancer is thinking about the next move instead of enjoying the experience of being on-stage and the art of dance itself...

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