Dance Pe Chance

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Dance Pe Chance We are still dancing! A couple of weeks ago we started having our instructors teach the same routine, to the song “Dance Pe Chance” from “Rab Ne Bana Di Jodi”. We asked all of our students to submit videos of them performing the routine.  WHY? So

What is Bollywood?

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What is Bollywood? What is Bollywood? And what is Bollywood dance? I know quite the crazy question to bring up considering that we are a Bollywood dance studio.  We know that Bollywood is the Hindi-Language film industry of India. We know about Bollywood films and the musical and dance

6 Perks of Being a Dance Teacher

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I have been a dance teacher/instructor in some form or another for many years now, and I can truly tell you that it is one of the best jobs on earth. Every week, I witness passion, talent, friendship, and community. On the other hand, I also witness chaos, screaming, sassiness, eye-rolling, and mirror-licking (yes, that is a thing that happens). Would I ever change it? Never. I’ll just stock-up on windex...

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