Dancers – Did You Do Your Taxes?

April 15th. D- Day. Tax Day. Whatever you want to call this day that everyone has marked on their calendar in red, the day everyone dreads and accountants all around are doing the happy dance because they’re done (almost).

If you are a dance instructor, freelance dancer or performer – there are a few expenses you can deduct on your taxes that you probably didn’t realize.


  1. Classes. Dance classes, educational classes that will help you with your job.
  2. Equipment. This could include shoes, makeup, tights etc. – anything you would use for dance purposes (not casual wear.)
  3. WFH costs. You probably do a good amount of work from home if you teach classes. Determine what percentage you use towards your job and document.
  4. Professional pictures. Hey – sometimes you have to do it for the ‘gram. Expense it out.
  5. Professional Development. This includes workshops, seminars, conferences, certifications, courses etc. Any type of event you attended or course you took to further yourself in your creative career!
  6. Travel Expenses. Mileage, transportation costs and overnight stays count towards travel expenses.
  7. Music purchases. If you bought music equipment, music or licenses for choreography and teaching – expense it out.
  8. Space Rental. Space that was rented to teach or rehearse count!

Again – Check with your accountant to make sure you are within regulations.

Since we are always doing what we love to do – we tend to forget to take advantage of what’s available to us. We may not even know that it’s a possibility (I know I didn’t when I was first starting out!)

But now you do so do it!