Details Matter!

I am by NO means a detail-oriented person.

I am more of the big picture, big ideas, big goals visionary.

Hence, I am not good at anything that takes patience, time and repetition. I get very restless when it comes to things like crafts, working out, cooking, and pretty much anything else that is pretty and positive lol.

Just the other day one of my instructors and I were cutting fabric at the studio for a prop in a dance. While her squares were coming out perfect and symmetrical because she was carefully taking her time- mine were coming out to be plum-shaped with jagged edges.

That also sums up why my husband says I can’t have nice things.

But when it comes to a routine – I turn into a technical tyrant – wanting to fix every tiny detail of a dance, step, or formation and coming up with 10 different ways of trying to get it EXACTLY  how I envision it in my head.

I often have to stop myself and remember that students are not psychic – they can’t read my mind.

Also – they’re about 9 years old.

I guess it’s safe to say that dance brings out the best (and the worst??) in us.