Do you do this in the shower too?

You know how they say the best ideas come to you in the shower? 

Yeah, well for me it’s a little different… My best dance moves come to me in the shower. Yes, I am one of those people that dance instead of sing in the shower (sometimes I do both – #multitasking)

I love blasting the latest Bollywood music playlists on Spotify and creating a whole new routine in my head. 

What actually happens when I try it out in real life is a totally different story (tripping, offbeat, falling, not having wind in my hair etc. )

Nonetheless, it’s definitely a no brainer that trying to figure out dance moves in the shower is NOT the safest past time. 

But that’s the beauty of coming up with ideas  and trying it out right? 

I am completely guilty of wanting to try out every idea or thought that comes through the space between my ears. I used to think it was one  of my greatest weaknesses until I realized how many people never take a chance on their ideas. 

Hence, they’re not taking a chance on themselves. 

I started my studio with 0 students and 0 prospects of getting any.  We’ve grown to over 100 students coming in every week, 3 locations and growing.

But I didn’t know that at the time when I was starting from scratch.  All I could think was “let me just try”. 

And to this day – that is the same thought every time I get a new idea, whim or crazy  goal. 

Let me just try. 

If I fail – well now I know it wasn’t meant for me OR I need to try something different

BUT if (or rather when)  I succeed – I know I’m fulfilling my purpose.