Frequently Asked Questions

  • General
  • Do you have classes throughout the year?

    Yes - we have ongoing enrollment throughout the year with the exception of major holidays (Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Year, Independence Day, etc.) Please contact us to see the best time to come in for a trial class as we might be getting ready for a performance.

  • Who are instructors?
    You can read more about each individual on our staff under the About Us Tab. All of our instructors have significant prior dance experience, are committed teachers who extend professionalism and support at all times.
  • What is the appropriate attire for class?

    Please dress comfortably - whatever you would wear to workout/exercise. Jeans and skirts are not allowed. For our Semi Classical classes - we ask that our students come in simple Indian Traditional wear (Salwar kameez).

  • I do not have any prior dance experience - is that okay?

    Of course! Most of our students come to us without any type of dance background and we train them to reach their fullest potential and instill in them the confidence to perform on numerous stages!

  • How many students are needed to open up a new class?

    A minimum of 5 students in a given class.

  • Do you offer trial classes for new students?

    Yes! Your first class as a new student is free. There is no risk for trying out a class, so come by and try it out! Since dance is very interactive, you will only know if you like the class if you come in and try it out! (Note - the free trial class does not apply to students using a group on!)

  • Is there a registration fee to enroll?

    Yes, there is a ONE TIME registration free of $50.00.

  • How often do students get to perform?

    We provide numerous opportunities for students to compete and perform around the DC, MD & VA area! We have performed in festivals, competitions, cultural programs etc.

  • What do students wear during performances & how do costume fees work?

    We have a variety of vibrant costumes and orders new costumes frequently. Instructors will decide costumes for each dance, and will inform parents/students of rental costs for each performance through out the year. We try to provide our students the best!

  • What happens if a student misses a class?

    If a student misses class, he/she will be responsible to learn from the practice videos sent each week. In most cases, instructors will usually catch students up in the following class as long as time is allotted. The best thing to do is talk to your instructor and see what can be done. We do not guarantee any make up classes to students who miss them.

  • What happens if I miss a Class? Are classes prorated?

    Unfortunately class are not prorated. It is a monthly flat fee and it up to the student to ensure that he/she is attending classes on a regular bases. If class is missed due to illness - don't worry! We send practice videos every week and have an open door policy with our instructors. If a student misses class- contact your instructor who will try to help you get up to speed in the next class!

  • Classes
  • How many songs do you teach per session?

    We try to keep up with the latest indian songs while also reverting back to the favorite classics! We try to teach at least 2-3 songs in a full month depending on the events we have taking place.

  • Can I sit in on the class with my child?

    Unfortunately - Parents are not allowed to observe class from inside the studio where the actual session is taking place. Instructors will use the last few minutes of class to allow parents to take video/see what the student has learned. There is a designated waiting area at all our locations for parents/family/friends. We do this so students are not distracted and that instructors can use this time to build relationships.

  • How do I determine which class is a best fit for me?

    Our instructors will make this decision based on your age, skill level and interest!

  • Payments
  • How are payments set up?

    We do not accept cash/check. We set up automatic monthly payments in our system for every student. If you cannot attend one month (summer vacations) or decide to take a break for any reason - we ask that we are given an advance notice of at least 2 weeks before the next payment (first of the month) so we can suspend the payment.

  • What is your refund policy?

    We do not offer refunds - we ask that we are given an advance notice of at least 2 weeks before the first of the next month so we can suspend the payment.