Favorite Holiday Gifts from Students


It’s that time of year again! Christmas music, holiday lights, hot chocolate and PRESENTS! While dance teachers never expect gifts, we LOVE it when we know students are thinking about us throughout the week. I lost count of how many “Just because” cards students made for me at school with multi-colored butterflies, or even how many times I’ve received a box of chocolate for being their “favorite teacher!”

But, if I had to choose, these would definitely be some of my favorites:

  1. Handwritten Card/Note. One of my all time favorite gifts are handwritten notes from students. It honestly doesn’t matter what it says on it; I’ve received holiday cards that have the word ‘Hi Ms. Nina’ on it and I still keep it to this day. I just love the realization that a student was thinking of me outside of the classroom.
  2. A Photograph of Us. Being a dance teacher can get busy – especially at rehearsals and during performances. We quickly take a second to take pictures with students before running off to find that extra safety pin or getting ready for the next class. Some of the best gifts I’ve received are just a simple picture of myself with a single student right before a performance.
  3. COFFEE Anything & Everything. If you’re a good dance instructor, then you know that teaching a class means you need to be up and demonstrating the whole time! You don’t get a real break until that class is over. Besides water, our go to beverage is COFFEE. During long rehearsal days, our staff would make several coffee runs because God knows we need it! I think I have about 4 – 5 of these at home and they make the perfect gift for a dance instructor who is constantly on the go!
  4. Chocolate. It’s not what you’re thinking. One of my students brings me chocolate every year religiously. Notice how I didn’t say a box of chocolates. No. She always goes above and beyond. Hence, she brings me a 2 – 3 foot architect of PURE chocolate. I think last year it was a 3 foot chocolate bunny. Literally. It came up to my thighs. I had 3 cavities at the start of the New Year. Now, every time I see any type of chocolate, I can’t help but LOL and think of her.
  5. Self-Care. One year, one of our students gave me a gift card for a massage. I’ve actually never received a message before that. I decided to save it for the week of my wedding and, boy, did it come in handy! One gift also contained those bath shower scrubs. I preserved and used every drop because it smelled heavenly. Every dance instructor I know always forgets to do any type of self-care. But every dance instructor I know NEEDS to do self-care.
  6.  Dance Gear. It goes without saying. An instructor loves showing off that she’s an instructor. On one of her trips, a student gave me a shirt with a dancer on it and I practically lived in it for a week straight. My husband started dropping hints that it was time to wash it.

The list goes on, but, whatever it is, I guarantee that an instructor will love the fact that a student even thought of him/her in one of the busiest seasons of the year!