First Time Performers

Our studio performs a lot throughout the year, so a first time performer soon becomes an experienced performer, even if they have only been with us for a few months.

We have had students who come in through the doors purely for fun and whose parents never had the intention of sending them on stage. 

Inevitably, that student always ends up going on stage over and over again through their own accord. 

While we encourage all students to perform because we know the leaps of progress it makes, we never force a student to go on stage. 

Just the other month, we were backstage waiting for our turn to perform. All of a sudden, one of our little ones tapped me on the shoulder to inform me that “little 8 year old susie” (we’ll call her susie for all intents and purposes) was crying. 

I kneeled down to find out what was going on and she refused to say it and continued with her river of tears. 

I started getting really concerned because this class was literally about to step onto the stage in the next 10 minutes and this was a competition – not just a local performance. 

We went to a corner to talk in private and I finally got it out of her that she was crying because she was “really scared to go on stage”. I let out a sigh of relief  and laughed out loud that it wasn’t one of the dramatic scenarios going through my head.

Me: “It’s okay to be scared. It’s your first time on stage but remember – everyone started with a first time. I know you’re nervous – I get nervous too! But you know what I feel more than being scared right before I get on stage?”

Little Susie: “what?”

Me: “EXCITED! You have to get more excited than nervous! Not everyone gets to go on stage all the time like you do! Once you step on that stage – everyone is going to clap and scream for you because you’re so talented! We have  to show everyone what you got! I know you’re scared now but once you’re in front of everyone – it’s going to be so exciting!”

Needless to say, little Susie went on to dance that day and then again the next month.

First time performers can be really excited or really nervous – mostly a combination of the two! 

Getting on stage for the first step is like getting over the initiation stages. It’s a milestone that you’ve reached. But it’s also addicting. 

We have students that get on stage and never want to get off. 

And that’s exactly how we like them!