Five ways to know its SHOWTIME!!

Allergies in the air, costumes on the way, students in the studio all day every day.

IT’S SHOWTIME! It’s time for us to show off everything we’ve been doing and how much we’ve been growing over the past academic year!

All around the country – dancers are gearing up to head into competitions and recitals. While this is a stressful time of the year – it’s one of the most rewarding. A whole 9 months (sometimes more!) of weekly practices, countless songs, numerous routines, gallons of water – all for this weekend.

Our studio performs throughout the year so we are used to getting ready for performances. But there is something immensely special and different about preparing for our own show. Here are 5 ways you can absolutely, without a doubt, know the recital is right around the corner.

  1. An influx of practices squeezed in. No matter how in advance you prepare, teach and practice – there’s always something to do, something to be fixed. Just last month, one of our instructors mentioned that she had four more practices before the show and she felt that those were more than sufficient. Two weeks later, about 3 more studio hours were booked for extra practices.
  2. Glitter and sequins EVERYWHERE. I’m sure a lot of of our dance families can attest to finding random costume pieces, sequins, prop remains anywhere and everywhere. Just the other day, my husband did a load of laundry and his shirt came out with gold glitter stuck to it. I blamed our dog.
  3. Water, Water. No matter how much water you drink, it is NEVER enough – it’s recital season. If you find yourself waking up thirsty in the middle of the night – it’s recital season. If your backpack is heavy from starting to carry more than one water bottle a day – it’s recital season.
  4. No new friends. Another sure way to know your big event is right around the corner is if your friends start mentioning that they never see you anymore and you send them a referral code to purchase tickets to your show.
  5. Best Shape of your life. Finally, you notice your arms getting toned, your calves coming in, and your clothes start getting just a tad bit loser – it’s recital season! All those hours at the studio will be appreciated as you head right into summer with that beach bod. You’re welcome!