Is Bollywood Dance Right For My Kid?

Gosh. I can’t believe it’s been a month of 2019! It is bound to be a whirlwind of a year! As we start the new year and our classes, we always get a few parents who are wondering if these classes are a good fit for their children. To be completely honest, I believe in any type of extracurricular-CONSISTENT-activity. I think it’s important for everyone (kids to adults) to have something that is outside of school/work, family, friends, and obligations that they can get motivated to do. Dance is always an awesome option!

We’ve been seeing Bollywood dance more and more in Western platforms, gaining popularity. Here are 5 reasons as to why our style might be right for you:

  1.  It will get their creative juices flowing.

    Bollywood (and Indian) dancing is all about your imagination and creativity. It encompasses many different styles of dance (jazz, folk, modern, and classical) put together in one routine. Students start picking up on these patterns and start creating as they get into the groove! The possibilities are endless!

  1.  Bollywood dance is family friendly.

    We never have an issue selecting songs for our classes because these songs generally do not contain profanity. Most of us have grown-up listening to these songs and parents watch movies with these songs with their kids. It is music the whole family can enjoy all day!

  1.  A dance style filled with culture.

    A lot of the music involved in this genre tells a story or represents some aspect of the Indian culture; whether it be festivals, history, celebrations or traditions. Each song is filled with expression and emotions and depicts a ‘positive’ outlook on life. It opens a whole new world of positive learning for students!

  1.  You don’t need any formal training or experience.

  We get asked this question all the time! Of course, having prior experience or training would definitely help, but you do not need any type of prior dance experience to start this dance style. It is surprisingly accessible as steps are simple, easy to learn, and still highly energetic. We have seen students, who have never learned a dance move before stepping through our doors, rock it out on stage!

  1.  Vibrant and FUN!

     It may have been Slum-Dog Millionaire, but the Indian dancing industry has been receiving a lot of attention lately. One of the main reasons for this popular attraction is that Bollywood dancing is FUN. Couple that with some colorful costumes and you got yourself a class that your child (and you!) will absolutely love!

It’s never too early or too late to start!