Mirror Lickers

As a dance teacher, we can usually gage after one class the skill level of a dancer. My guru used to say she was able to tell if someone would be a good dancer as soon as she saw him/her walk.

We see parents bring in their kids to try out a dance class for the first time and usually – it is pretty smooth. They come in, get really pumped up by the music, learn a few steps and want the video to practice with at home.

Then there are those who refuse to listen to a word the instructor says, think they have magically turned into an airplane circling the studio and proceed to dive tongue first into the mirrors.

Fortunately for them, the beginning of their dance career doesn’t define their journey as a dancer.

We’ve seen countless of students turn from shy, timid individuals to confident, social performers, persevering despite mistakes made (on stage!) and coming into their own.

The journey is less than perfect but it’s still a perfect journey.