Online Dance: The Do’s and Don’ts

We’ve been online for several weeks now, and it’s been a fun, and wild ride so far. And we’ve learned quite a lot so far. 

Here are our tips:

DO: Ask your household members for some privacy. You don’t want siblings or parents or other household members to distract you while you’re trying to take a class.

DON’T: Be late. Treat this like you would your normal dance class and make sure to come on time and prepared. 

DO: Make sure that you have adequate space for dance. We’re having to turn various rooms in our households into dance studios, so make sure you have enough room you need to dance around.

DON’T: Leave your mic on. You want to make sure that your instructor doesn’t get distracted by the noises and that all the students can hear the instructor properly.

DO: Wear the right dance gear. Treat online dance class like it’s any other class and be prepared to get a WORKOUT!

DON’T: Forget your charger. Make sure the device you’re using to participate in class is charged and ready to go.

DO: Keep your video on so your instructor can see what you’re doing.

DON’T: Get distracted by things in your household. Even though you may be in your room, this is still dance class and your instructor expects you to give the same amount of attention that you would if you were in the studio.

DO: Make the most of the hand signals your instructor has come up to communicate effectively over video chat. Thumbs up for good to go, hands on face means you’re confused, roll your hands means repeat or start over 

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