New Year: Reflecting on the Past Decade

Every year I come up with New Year’s resolutions and just like the majority of the human race, I stop sticking to them by January 31st. 

Last year, I took a different approach. I didn’t make a new years resolution, and instead, I chose a word. 

Yup, just one word. 

It was BOLD. I chose this word because it was something outside of my comfort zone. I was great at getting things done, taking small action steps. But it was always safe. It was always convenient. It was always in the routine. 

It was something I would always shy away from and something I wanted to change about myself. So, I decided to make it my “word of the year”. 

It was in my passwords, on my mirrors, in my car, in my planner, and on my vision board (you get the picture). 

Some people see it as silly. But I truly believe that having your goals and priorities constantly in your face is what helps you get to them faster.

Going into 2020 was not another year for me. It wasn’t just a year that passed by, but it was the end of a crazy decade. 

In the past ten years, we built our studio from scratch (and I mean we started with literally 0 students), built a community, and served our students week in and week out. 

If the last 10 years was this good, I can only imagine what’s in store in the next 10! 

So here’s to our team, students, families, instructors, hope this year and new decade brings all your dreams – and words – to life!