Stage Presence Matters!


Some people are born to be on stage, but that doesn’t mean that others can’t succeed on it! Like anything in life, stage presence can be taught; some might just need a little more practice than others.

Despite your inner nerves and racing thoughts like –

“Crap – What’s the next step?!”

“Is it my right or left hand?”

“I hope there isn’t any lipstick on my teeth!”

“I knew I should’ve went to the bathroom before we went backstage!”

(Yes , these are real thoughts of every dancer during a performance)

Now, when it comes to dancing, stage presence matters! I’m sure you have a few favorite dancers whether it be a Bollywood actor, a Youtuber, a dance instructor, an Instagram influencer etc, but pretty much it’s someone you can’t WAIT to see their newest production! You’re also completely fine with watching their old videos on repeat!

So what makes them so good?? How do they just end up KILLING it on stage EVERY time??

Let’s take a look:

  1. Dance with intention. Every move, expression, stunt has some intent behind it. Whether it’s as simple as invoking a feeling of awe from the audience or as simple as moving across stage to create a new, intricate formation. There’s always more to a step than just being a step.
  1. Bold & Unapologetic. I can tell you one thing that ALL of our favorite dancers have in common: they are BOLD as hell. They can be the shyest, most conservative person in real life, but, the moment they step on that stage, they are amazingly confident and bold and don’t care who’s watching! It’s that unapologetic, I-take-no-prisoners, rawness that brings an audience to their feet. They can feel your energy and feed off of it!
  1. Practice ALL OUT, FULL OUT. I get it – practices are for practice. You’re just learning the steps and putting them together. WRONG. You need to practice like you’re performing, and this is where so many of us wither away because we just think of it as “oh it’s just practice.” What if every time you learned a step, you did it like you were on stage in front of hundreds of people? What if every time you went over your transition to your next spot, you did every step FULL OUT with so much energy your arms hurt? What if every time you went over your routine for the 10th time, you “performed” each time? Do you think that would help increase your stage presence. Uh – YEAH! If you want to kill it on stage, then kill it in practice.
  1. Don’t Rush. One of the things that irks my soul during a performance is when a dancer RUSHES through a routine. I stress timing and rhythm in my classes that I teach a LOT because if you’re rushing during practices, you will DEFINITELY be rushing on stage when you combine that with the adrenaline of performing. Don’t just listen to the music, COORDINATE with the music – vibe with it. Your steps should already be so ingrained in you that it’s muscle memory at this point.
  1. Enjoy it. The audience can tell if someone is DANCING versus just going through the motions. You get to be on stage doing what you love, showing off your talents and skills. People love positive energy and are drawn to it. If you’re feeling it, then OWN it!

Take these tips, implement them and see how different your next performance goes! Let us know,  we’d love to hear from you!