Summer Showdown Results – Spark Edition

Summer classes have been a whirlwind of fun, high-energy, virtual dance classes. 

Our instructors and students have been bringing the heat through every class and competition.

Our latest competition, “Summer Showdown” is no exception. It was fun to teach the routines, watch the students eagerly learn the choreography, and then to watch the final videos – full energy, outfits, makeup and ALL.

Here’s our spark winners and the reasons they <3 to dance:

First place goes to Jennifer: “I love dancing as its fun and makes me happy, sometimes challenging but Zind encourages and makes it simple to learn. I love Zind because the instructors are so helpful, energetic and encouraging.I thank all the instructors for what they are teaching me.Thank you so much💝💝”

Second to Ira: “Dancing is fun and my passion. Zind has amazing teachers as they have helped me improve my dancing skills and I enjoy dancing a lot more now.”

And third to Nessie: “I love Zind because I like dancing and I really like my teachers. I like all the different of types of dance and I like to add my own styles to the moves too.”

Want to see the winning videos? Check them out here.

Stay tuned for the rest of the results.