Three C’s that our studio brings – Culture, Confidence & Community

When I started building ZIND, there were a few key things on my mind. 

Dance is the obvious one. I have been a dancer my whole life. It is what I do as my outlet, my “me” time, my solace and i wanted to offer that same creative space for everyone else.  But, I was also heavily invested in finding a way that I could develop and reinforce three major themes: 

  • Cultural identity
  • The sense of community
  • Building confidence


I wanted to build a space that was focused on building confidence. This is two-pronged. The first layer, involves helping students build confidence, and the second, on building groups of students that help build each other’s confidence. 

Some of the best parts of my ZIND journey is seeing the confidence in my students grow. I love to see my students practice, work hard, and perform with confidence on stage. I have seen kids come in through our doors, attached to their mom’s hip and in a matter of weeks – become a leader in class and a well loved student by her peers. I have witnessed students go from being so scared to even raise their hand in class to being front row center stage at a performance in front of a 500 person audience. I love seeing students support other students, ultimately building a sense of…


Building community and confidence go hand in hand. I wanted to bring groups together, create a zone of mutual support, encouragement, and foster a sense of community. Dance friends tend to become lifelong friends. I am still in touch with my dance girls from my college team. Since you spend so much time together, already have a common interest, and see each other on a regular basis – a bond usually becomes inevitable. And that’s not just with students – but with parents. Our dance moms have done girls night out, marathons, and birthday celebrations (dance dads have to watch the kids this time lol). I have seen so many friendships grow and blossom (both amongst students and parents!). 

This safe space for expression and further development is a way for us to maintain our…


Being in the western part of the world, it can sometimes be quite difficult to find ways to not just maintain but pass on our culture. We get caught up in work, school, the life here and our roots tend to be passed up or forgotten.

Growing up, dance was how I always made sure I stayed connected to my culture. Being surrounded by the music from India, I’d practice daily, perform at functions, and learn about the history and evolution of dance in Indian culture. I wanted to bring this opportunity to others.

Watching students reconnect or further dive into their cultural background is incredible.

Building ZIND has been a rewarding experience and a wild ride. Thank YOU for being part of it.