We hope that you…

As an instructor – you’re imparting knowledge to students – however old they may be. The ages and style might be different but our goals for you are still the same.

A good instructor will always invest in your growth and take the time to make sure you are being pushed to do your best. If he/she gets frustrated with you – it’s because they see the potential you are holding back and they just want you to cross that barrier and unleash the gifts they can so clearly see!

There are certain hopes we have for all our students in all of our classes.

Support. We hope you feel supported. Come into class knowing that it is a judgement free zone. No one is above the other. We all have different strengths and weaknesses but we are all working towards the same goals.

FUN. We want you to have fun. There is no other art, sport, or activity quite like dance. More than likely, you are leaving a class pumped up (regardless if it was a workout), the song still stuck in your head, bonding with your teammates, and enthusiastic. The studio is not just a space we hold classes. It is a community of people who love doing the same thing you do! A load of endorphins coming at you live!

Mistakes. We hope you have lessons learned. As much as we want you to always succeed – there is power in making mistakes. More so than the words we say and our instruction, the most important lessons come from the hardest falls. We know because we’ve made them all.

Praise. We hope you get encouragement every time you perform. One of our favorite moments is when the audience cheers our students on! It fills us with pride to witness you being acknowledged for your dedication and talent. Despite any mishaps or costume malfunctions – it takes guts to get on stage. Yes – we might be hard on you – but that’s because we believe!

Pride. Despite all the feedback and corrections we give in class and behind the scenes, want you to be proud of yourselves as much as we are. It’s not easy to learn a new skill. But what matteres – is you’re DOING it. That in itself takes courage. Be proud of how far you’ve come

Ultimately, we want you to have a positive, fun experience while still learning skills and growing your confidence.

We are there every step of the way.