We Will Dance Again!

This coming weekend was supposed to be our annual show. The date, May 17th, had been marked in our calendars for several months. The planning had started the day after our 2019 show. We were fresh off the high of such an amazing event and could not wait to showcase our students again the following year. The excitement, ever-present. A lot of behind the scenes work went into planning the show. On our end, we were picking out themes, songs, designing costumes, planning props, creating choreography etc. 

We are sad that there won’t be a 2020 annual show, but, it is very important that we do everything in our capacity to follow health guidelines, recommendations, and state laws. 

Our annual show is a big deal for us. The dancing and the hours of practicing come to fruition for a big-performance, and we get to see and feel the strength of the ZIND community, the bonding, and the relationships that have formed. A priceless experience. 

This year the theme was “ZIND Cine Awards”, modeled after the infamous Indian Zee Cine Awards. Some students were going to be ‘actors’, with dialogues and props at the ready. Others had been practicing choreography for months, ready to wow on-stage. Our instructors had even gotten together, practicing a special dance for the performance.

To replace this sentiment of sadness, we’ve decided to come up with a way to keep the ZIND spirit alive, while still social distancing….

You’ll notice this week and next in your Bollywood class that your instructor will be teaching a routine to the song ‘Dance pe Chance.’ We want to still showcase all our students in an online-learning way. We’ve come up with this choreography and want all our students across all our classes to learn this dance. Then, we’ll compile one BIG video of EVERYBODY to show to the world that we are ZIND strong during this pandemic. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay dancing.