What is She Talking About???

Not everyone is meant to be a dance teacher and that’s completely understandable. We can be a special bunch.

We like things to be perfect and care too much about things during a normal working day that most people would never even notice.

“If we can get everyone’s hands in the third to last step of the dance the second time the chorus comes on right before the guy sings  to be at a 45 degree angle, then it’ll look amazing.”

“Does anyone have an extra hot glue gun I can borrow?”

“No, the ponytail has to go right in the middle of the back of the head. About 4.73 inches above the nape of the neck”.

With that said, a teacher-student bond is pretty special and can play a key role in a kid’s life.

We teach our students to speak our language and read our minds – at the same time.

  1. “Look UP.” This doesn’t mean literally looking up at the ceiling. It’s our way of saying that a student constantly has his/her eyes on the ground because they’re concentrating and they need to focus on looking straight ahead before it becomes a habit.
  1. “PUSH!” This is my go-to word in the classroom and I’m sure I sound like an OB/GYN talking to a woman in labor about to give birth. In reality, we’re just trying to get our team to give it their all.
  1. “Stay on beat!” One of the hardest things to teach is rhythm. It’s a thing that comes natural for some, but is vital to a routine. If it doesn’t come automatically, then you just have to put in the extra practice to get it right and always practice WITH someone who understands the rhythm.
  1. “LOOK ALIVE.” See #2. It’s all about your energy.
  1. “Know your spot!” A typical routine consists of at least 3 – 4 different formations of a group. It’s a dancers responsibility to know where to go and when to get there.
  1. “One more time.” Said every. Dance teacher. Ever. Good is not good enough. Did I mention we are perfectionists??

Dance teachers are just a little demanding. Not every dancer can be a dance teacher. It takes a special skill to truly be invested in your art so much that you want to pass it on others and watch them grow.

So if you have a good dance teacher who truly cares, don’t take it for granted. They probably think about you more than you know.