What Kobe has taught us

Today marks 1 month from Kobe Bryant’s passing. Kobe, and his bright and talented young daughter, Gianna, passed on January 26th, en route to Gianna’s basketball game. 

The lessons that they have taught us will never be forgotten:

The importance of having a positive outlook 

Kobe has shown us the importance of being positive. In the face of injuries (some of which have left him benched for weeks at a time) or failures, Kobe has used these kinds of setbacks as sources of motivation. He focused on doing what he can in the present and how he can change in the future to get better and be better.

Being optimistic is hard. Especially after experiencing mistakes or failures. But, optimism is crucial. Being able to pick yourself up, or learn from a mistake is important. It’s how you get better, it’s how you excel, it’s how you reach your goal. 

The importance of hard work

Kobe has taught us that when there’s a will, there’s a way. Kobe was a hard-working, driven basketball player that was above and beyond committed to their craft. He would practice several hours a day (in the early hours of the morning), learn from his mistakes, and maintain a positive outlook – the “mamba mentality”. 

Becoming great at something is not something that comes easy. It takes unquantifiable levels of dedication, practice, and commitment. Kobe wasn’t the tallest, the richest, or the biggest, but he had an unwavering work-ethic that helped him achieve success. 

The importance of helping others

In a domain dominated by competition, Kobe chose to take a different approach. Kobe went the extra mile to help others. He served as a mentor to fellow players, to his Mamba family, and even athletes in other sports. He was a motivating force, a friend in need, and a role model to many people. 

Helping others is a beautiful thing; you never quite know how much others might value your kind actions.

Ultimately, life is too short. Kobe lived 41 years and Gigi, a mere 13. But during their time here, they impacted so many lives. They served as an inspiration to the world. 

R.I.P. to Kobe and Gianna Bryant.