When Imperfection is Better Than Perfection

Talent Time 2018

With the perfect filters, perfect angles, perfect background – it’s a wonder why people are so surprised that there is so much anxiety in the world – and even more so with the younger generation. Everything is so curated – from pictures to bodies. 

Which is why I want to give you – who is reading this – and ALL our students the permission to be IMPERFECT. 

Yes, in the classroom we want you to be great and no, we won’t let it slide if we see that you’re not living up to your true potential – #toughlove. 

As teachers pushing you to meet the standard we have for you is an expectation because we KNOW you can get there – we see it – even if you can’t. 

What we don’t expect you to be is PERFECT. 


Because there is no such thing. Even with all the classes, all the training, all the experts – there will ALWAYS be something to improve. 

And it’s not a bad thing. You should always be improving so you can keep growing.

Even the champions of the world are looking to push themselves, to be better, to be the best. If they ever felt they were “perfect” and stopped moving forward, what would that look like? 

Take pride in your efforts, take pride in your growth, take pride in your imperfections. 

Ultimately, you are imperfectly perfect