Why Can’t I Just Learn From Youtube?

We get it. Nowadays, EVERYTHING is online. You can get your outfit and your college degree from the convenience of your bedroom.

Hence, we get this a lot: “I could just learn how to dance from Youtube.”

And yes, technically, you can.

However, there is NOTHING that can replace the in-person, learning from an expert, all-time high-energy classroom experience.

Sure, you can sit at home and sort through videos and videos of different dance styles, different steps, different instructors and absolutely have an overwhelming amount of information.

In fact, there are several key advantages to learning dance online. For Instance:

  • The world is your studio. There is nothing more convenient than having your dancing space 10 feet away from your bedroom. Nope. Nothing.
  • Unlimited amount of Stop and Go. You can learn at your own pace, whether it be a week or a year! It is all about you! You can rewind, pause, fast forward at your discretion and pleasure!
  • 24/7 Classes. You can take a class at 4 in the morning or at 2:23 in the afternoon. As many hours there are in the day are as many open slots you have to take a class!
  • The best of the best customized to you. You can research and handpick your instructor depending on his/her teaching style and dance style.


  • Will you get an expert in the dance style who knows and interacts with you by name? – No.
  • Will you get to meet and surround yourself with new and different students who are at the same level you are with the same interest? – No.
  • Will you be able to stop a class and ask your instructor for a breakdown and guidance on a particular step if you feel like you’re not getting it? – No.
  • Will you have an instructor that you see week after week that is easily accessible and who is so excited to see you progress and grow? – No
  • Will you have an in person community that will celebrate your wins and encourage you to push past your comfort zone because they can see your potential?

These are just some of the magical things that happen in a dance classroom. Now, don’t get us wrong. Dance technology has come a long way which is a GREAT thing! We dance to share it with the world and, for some, that means resorting to learning and teaching online!

But, if you are ever debating between online or in person classes, we recommend that online classes be supplemental to your learning!

There are just some things, even in today’s world, that can’t be accessed through the internet!