Why you should keep attending online classes

Annual Show 2018

If you have been with us for awhile, then you know that we normally break for summer months. But, this year is anything but normal. 

As the coronavirus began to spread, we made the decision to quickly shift to online classes. We’ve been online since mid-March (it’s been over 2 months now!) and, while definitely not the same as in-person classes, the online platform has given us a chance to reach a wider audience as we moved ALL of our classes to be open to ANY student in ANY location. We’ve even added some new offerings, like Hip-Hop and Bhangra, several all-ages classes, and have embraced the new normal…and

~~ as social distancing guidelines continue, we have decided to continue online classes into summer! ~~

What does this mean? Our online classes will be offered during June and July.


To keep dance alive. We love to dance. So much. For many of us, continuing dance has been the calm (or the energy outlet) that we need in our day. Things have changed a lot, and just because we physically aren’t in the studio, doesn’t mean we can’t keep our passion for dance alive and growing.

To keep a routine amidst uncertainty. With things are frequently changing, it’s important that we maintain some semblance of a routine. It helps get the creative juices flowing, keep the stress levels low, and is something positive for us to look forward to every week.

To feel the ZIND community and spirit. One of the best parts of creating this studio has been watching the ZIND community bond and grow over the years. In this time of uncertainty, seeing everyone’s optimism and continued passion for dance has been so heartwarming. 

Stay safe, stay healthy, stay dancing.